V: Escape to Venice

The soft Tuscan sun warms my face, enhancing the beauty of my wife’s smile with its gentle glow. She closes her eyes and inhales deeply, drinking in the scent of honeysuckle and fresh-baked stromboli, hot out of the oven. Without a care in the world, she lies back in the wooden gondola and lets her hand drop lazily into the rippling current, which flows between her fingers like cool silk.

Every eye seems to have a special smile for us today. The gondolier rows us along even as he sings an Italian love song with gusto, filling the air with the announcement of our honeymoon. Beside him, his companion beams with happiness as his fingers flow deftly across his accordion. The village springs to life as our tiny gondola passes by – an elderly woman dropping her bags to dance in the street, and a mother bursting her head through her upstairs window to sing along and congratulate us.

We want the world to know that we’re in love, and all of Venice rushes over for a small taste of this magical romance. Later we’ll stroll among the chocolate stores and flower shops, letting our nose lead us to the perfect restaurant. Later we’ll laugh to our heart’s content as we run, hand-in-hand, to grab “one more” creamy gelato before the sun dies out. Later we’ll watch the river drift by sleepily as we spend hours talking at a coffee shop, with all the time in the world. There will be time for that.

But for now, I close my eyes and soak it all in. The music, the smells, the sounds, the excitement of a young, budding marriage. “Always remember this,” my mind whispers softly. “Don’t ever let it go.”

And my eyes open to the dull glow of my computer screen, as the quiet hum of my office returns to my ears. For a moment I was there. It was absolutely real… but now, it is nothing but a memory that helps me through the day.

“And now, these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” – I Corinthians 13:13



This post was submitted as part of the A to Z Challenge, where participants agree to post an article that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet and publish an article every day during the month of April (except Sundays).

Here at Everyday Musings, my theme for the month is Reflections from Around the World, where I’ll take a page from my personal travel journal each day and share a spiritual meditation or powerful thought that has been inspired by my travels.

For a discussion of great works of art that have gained such fame they have become The Classics, and what modern artists can learn from these works, be sure to visit my companion blog, The Artistic Christian.


7 comments on “V: Escape to Venice

  1. Ok, now I feel silly. It has taken till V for me to notice the bit at the end of your other posts about this. I blame the fact that I’m reading so many blogs I skip the bits that look like they’re just explaining the challenge. But, really John Mark, you could have told me! I’m a little bit interested in travel…… 😉 Fab photo by the way. Off to catch up – backwards.

    • I completely understand… I usually skim over those explanations, too! I haven’t been to nearly as many places as you have, but I’ve loved soaking in each of the places I have had the opportunity to see!

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