Y: Yorkshire Pudding in York

A promised highlight of my adventures through the British countryside was the opportunity to have Yorkshire Pudding in the actual town of York. As out of touch as I was, the word “pudding” caused me to envision a delectable dessert made of butterscotch or chocolate. Instead, I was given a puffed pastry filled with roast beef and gravy. This was a bit of a disappointment, and I also found the food in English restaurants to be relatively bland.

Of course, I had spent my childhood in New Mexico, where the question at every restaurant is, “Green sauce (hot) or red sauce (super hot)?” So I grew up with a great deal of spice and heat in my food, and had a difficult time adjusting to the more refined British cuisine. To my uneducated palate, most of the food was basically tasteless. This is why I became so excited about the thought of having an incredibly sweet dish, and why I felt so let down when I was given plain beef and gravy.

Now that I know what to expect, I’m sure I would enjoy a helping of Yorkshire Pudding much more than I did back then. But the experience gave me a small glimpse of the disappointment our Heavenly Father might feel when He calls us to live boldly for Him (Acts 28:31; Ephesians 3:12) and we end up offering the world a rather bland witness. When this happens, we are like lukewarm water which the LORD desires to spit out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16), or like salt that has lost its flavor, and that Luke 14:34 says is not even fit for the manure pile!

May we live boldly, and offer lives brimming with flavor to our Lord!


Photo Credit:  The Sunday Roast with Beef and TrimmingsEwan Munro – CC BY SA 2.0



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